SquiddBot Commands
This is a list of all of SquiddBot's commands. Some commands may not be shown here.
Note: For some commands to function properly, it is recommended that you invite SquiddBot to your server with the recommended permissions.
* = Role Permission Required
# = Channel permission needed.

/about - Show some quick information about running details of the bot.
/botinfo - Sends you some information about the bot.
/allcommands - Show a full list of commands via the bot. Some commands may not be listed or up to date.
/serverinfo - Sends info about the server you are in containing the total amount of users, channels, roles, and a lot more information.
/classic8ball - Ask a question and get one of the regular 8ball responses. (Old Responses supported)
/squidds8ball - Ask a question and get one of SquiddBot's 8ball responses
/truth - Answers the possible truth about a question you ask.
/error - Generates a user-generated error in the given error format. (Old responses supported)
/splatoon - Play different game modes from Splatoon. (All game modes Old Responses supported)
/ping - View the bot's ping and speed.
/polls - View and vote for polls!
/splatoonreddit - Shows you stuff from the Splatoon subreddit!
/squidrate - See someone's Squid Rating (randomly generated).
/quote - Quote a users message.
/support - Report a user or problem, make a suggestion, and more.
/settings - Shows you settings you can toggle for the bot.
/credits - Shows the people who helped support and make the bot.
/tts - Makes the bot say something in a voice channel. May not work sometimes.
/say - Makes the bot say whatever text is written but with your username before the text.
/embed - Sends a message containing the content sent in an embed.

Uses subcommand name "economy" at the start of every command.
/economy setprofile - Change information about your profile, ranging from your bio to your profile banner. More features may come later.
/economy profile - Shows you or the provided user's Squidd Profile.
/economy level - Shows you or another member's level.
/economy give - Give a user some Coins, Power Eggs, or Salmons!
/economy convert - Converts any Power Eggs you have into coins.
/economy daily - Claim your daily reward!
/economy work - Go to work and gain some Power Eggs or Salmons.
/economy beg - Beg for money and pray that you'll get lucky.
/economy shop - View the shops you can buy from.
/economy inventory (inv) - View a user's inventory.
/economy buy - Buy an item that is listed in the shop.
/economy salmonrun - Work at Grizzco and get some salmons.
/economy cratesmash - Smash crates to earn some Power Eggs.
/economy mine - Go mining for gold and try your luck (and sometimes hit the jackpot)
/econnomy rob - Rob a user and steal money from them. If you or the person you are trying to steal from has Safe Mode enabled, you cannot steal from them.
/deletemydata - Deletes everything on your SquiddBot Profile and all your economy data. (THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!)

*/leave_server - Makes SquiddBot leave the server. Requires "Manage Server" permission.
*/purge - Purges a certain number of messages from the channel. Requires "Manage Messages" permission.

/image youtubecomment (ytcomment) - Allows you to make a person say something inside of a YouTube Comment.
/image tweet - Generate a tweet using the content provided.
/image dialogue - Allows you to generate Splatoon dialog using words of your own choice with advanced features.
/image jail - Sends a user to jail.
/image blurple - Blurplify a user's avatar.
/image eject - Eject a user if they are acting sus.
/image pet (petpet) - Pet pet a user.
/image trigger - Triggers a user.
/image invert - Invert a user's avatar.

Hug User - Quickly give a user a (virtual) hug!
View Squidd Profile - Quickly view someone's Squidd Profile. This information will be sent to you ephemerally.

Use 8ball - Run the 8ball machine with the question as the selected message's content.
Quote - Quotes the selected message's contents.

Commands that use the old prefix, and function by using message.content.
sq.help - Sends the help message containing some useful information about the bot. Can also be triggered by pinging the bot.
sq.commands - Sends the user a link to this webpage.
sq.invite - Gives the user the link to invite the bot to another server. [This can also be done via the "Add to Server" button on the bot's profile which has the newer permissions.]
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