SquiddBot AI Chat
This page will show you information about how to use SquiddBot's AI Chat.

How to Use

SquiddBot AI Chat is an easy to use feature with more responses and a better usage system coming in the future (hopefully). To get started, first we wanna run sq.aichat setup. This will make SquiddBot create a channel in which AI Chat should work in. It should look like this:
Now that we have that setup, we can now start chatting with SquiddBot! If you want to view a list of responses, you can use sq.aichat responses. This will show you a full list of responses you can use. Some responses may depend on who uses them. If you wanna pick up a response exclusive to you running it only, drop by our Support Server and tell us about it :)
Some responses also use certain information about you that SquiddBot has registered. If you want to register certain information, you can use sq.aichat change<query>. You can currently change things such as your name and birthday, with more coming soon!
That's all for now on SquiddBot AI Chat. We hope you'll enjoy this feature as well as the update that came with it!
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