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This page is barely information right now. It will be more informational and longer eventually.

How to Use SquiddBot

Getting Started

SquiddBot is a basic bot made in Python. He has some cool Splatoon related stuff. His default prefix is sq. and he has a great list of commands you can use. Let's start with some of the basic commands: (or bot mention)

This command brings up the help command which gives a small bit of information and some useful links you could use for getting started.


This command is almost the same as but with a bit less links and a bit more information. Information listed includes the current version of the bot, the version, the python version, the bots current ping (which can also be given using, and the bots current server and user count.


A pretty basic command. Running this command will give you a list of other commands you can run to play those specific gamemodes.


Shows a full list (excluding a few) of the commands you can use on the bot. You can also see the list on the commands page.

Other Useful Pages

That is all for the list of basic commands, if you are interested in the economy features, you can go to the economy page listed below for a list of information.
Otherwise you can view a full list of commands at the page listed below.
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