SquiddBot Updates
The update logs for SquiddBot. Updates are tracked since update logs were created. This page will contain information about released or upcoming updates for SquiddBot.

There are no updates planned at the moment.

v2.7 (Beta) - Released September 1st, 2022:
  • Conversion from text commands to Slash (A lot of commands or features may be broken (will be fixed asap), and some commands have been removed for now.)
  • AI Chat has been removed from the bot. It may return eventually.
  • Profile views have been temporarily disabled. They will be back eventually.
  • /suggest, /report, and other support commands have been moved into one dropdown in /support.
  • The work command is undergoing some changes.
  • Slowly removing Old Responses as a setting. It will be deprecated and the code will be removed for registering it.
  • Error command has been given the new error look.
  • Recently disabled commands such as /team have had a notice added to them.
  • Removed gamemode "Hero Mode" from Splatoon command.
  • A few fixes and changes have been made to the bot. This update is still incomplete and will have bugs, missing things, and more. You can always report any issues to our support server or by using /support.
v2.6.2 - Released March 30th, 2022:
  • Many changes have been made to the call command, such as reminders as to what the commands are, a better replying system, a lot of button popups, and a better attachment system.
  • Small changes over time to improve bot performance and prevent issues.
Chat | v1.1 - Released February 11th, 2022:
  • The chat command is no longer available and has been replaced with the primary way of talking. Just type what you want to say in a channel named squidd-chat.
  • Updated "what do you know about me" to stack information into a single message.
  • Updated some responses and added some easter eggs.
v2.6.1 - Released January 16th, 2022:
Happy New Year everyone! I know I'm kind of late to this and January is almost halfway over, but after being able to run v2.6 automatically, I've noticed some bugs that need to be fixed. So have v2.6.1 as a minor update.
  • Daily Command has been fixed (or at least people who may have broken profiles)
  • The Octo Expansion command has been moved over to the Daily Command.
  • Yet again fixed an issue with Settings that would make Page 2 break if you had a broken/empty profile.
  • Fixed a small issue with sq.setprofile where you could unintentionally end up with a broken/empty profile after modifying something.
  • Fixed Custom Polls so that they could be created (the folder that stores them was never created where it's being hosted now) and changed the text that shows up when you provide no value to show if you have no poll created.
  • Other small fixes and changes have been made to provide a better experience for everyone.
v2.6 - Released December 13th, 2021:
  • sq.work has gotten a major update. You can now work with random activities to earn some currency.
  • Custom Polls have been released for everyone to use. This feature is still very experimental. Not everything is finished, and bugs may occur. Please report any bugs you find to us in our Support Server so we can fix it asap.
  • A lot of fixes, additions and changes have been made.
(It's been a while since I've actually finished making this and since I'm just now getting to adding these Update Notes, I've forgotten a lot of the changes that have been made, and some of them I thought were just aren't. Because of this, please pardon the lack of Update Notes for this big update.)
v2.5.4 - Released November 24th, 2021:
  • Finished adding the Christmas automatic event.
  • Small changes, fixes, and more.
v2.5.3 - Released October 28th, 2021:
Note: Any update note that starts with a * means that it is an early or completed version of a feature meant to be implemented in v2.6.
  • You can now redeem codes! Redeeming codes can give you sweet, sweet rewards. To get codes, you can check on our #bot-updates channel in our Support Server, or you can run sq.subscribe in your Discord Server which will automatically post updates that are sent there.
  • *The Select Menu on sq.profile has been replaced with Buttons to make transitioning a lot easier since the Select Menu would break after switching once. We could resolve this problem, but have decided buttons are a better choice.
  • *Settings & All Commands have had their paginators replaced with Buttons instead of reactions. These changes will stay as reactions on the Slash Command versions. Sadly the Quick Edit Settings feature won't be coming out until v2.6, but stay tuned.
  • 2 new pages have been added to the All Commands command, showing pages for Application Commands & Additional Features.
  • Buttons for quickly buying weapons in the shop have been removed as we work more on this feature. As a replacement for this, owned indicators will be added to the Weapons shop. You can still run the command without any arguments and quickly navigate to a shop though.
  • The owned indicator has been added to the Octo Expansion in the shop.
  • Added additional content for the Spooky Month yearly event. See more here.
  • Updated Slash Commands to be matching with the updated versions of their base commands (e.g. new magic8ball responses, new Splatoon Turf War responses, etc.)
  • sq.splatoonstuff has been primarily changed to sq.splatoonreddit, but can still be executed with the old name.
  • Added some new tips.
  • Fixed some commands still not using the new data storing method.
  • Other overall changes have been made to improve your experience.
v2.5.2 - Released October 16th, 2021:
  • Fixed sq.tts missing ffmpeg and added the ability to stop playback while it's going. Along with this you can also reply to a message and use the command with no text and it will use tts with the text from the replied message.
  • sq.quote now shows the proper author name and the year should automatically update now. Along with this you can also do the same things as before and reply to the message you wanna quote instead of providing the message id for it.
  • Added some new responses to sq.turfwar.
  • You can now see the status of certain cogs/services from the sq.about command.
  • Actually disabled sq.splatfest, you can use it but you can't.
  • If the bot can't send you the help command due to missing permissions, it should send to your DMs instead.
  • Fixed up some small things and added some minor things to other commands.
v2.5.1 - Released October 12th, 2021:
  • SquiddBot AI Chat can now be used without a command, just create the channel and start typing away.
  • Removed some things that weren't supposed to show up in the Settings.
  • Attempted to make automatic events, meaning when October ends the Halloween Event should hopefully end automatically.
  • Fixed & added some small things.
v2.5 - Released October 8th, 2021:
[Warning: This version could be somewhat buggy or unstable, not everything is finished or working properly, you may experience issues with Slash Commands or other things]
  • New BATTLE SYSTEM! You can finally use weapons for a greater purpose. Battling allows you to fight other users using your weapons and skill. Make sure to play well for rewards.
  • More slash commands have been added. Check them out on the SquiddBot Commands page.
  • New PROFILE PAGES! You can now view your level, inventory, and profile with just one command!
  • Some commands should have their cooldowns reset if you didn't provide a valid argument, are missing data, or something else.
  • Return of the super old sq.mine economy command.
  • The bot will now respond to Sq. & SQ. on some occasions.
  • Added more items to the shop... and maybe even a little something extra...
  • You can now check the statistics of your weapons with the inventory command (Slash Command only, coming to base command soon)
  • Some commands will be using our new data storing system. Some things may break because of this.
  • You can now view your current bio, banner, or color if you have one set if you don't provide a value to change it to for sq.setprofile.
  • Changes have been made to buying weapons. Prices are now almost the same as the actual game, and you have to be at the required level to buy it.
  • New indicators have been added to the shop showing whether you own the item or not.
  • Along with that, you can now basically buy everything in the shop, weapons, collectibles, and other stuff will be stored somewhere so that you can own it while also not having it equipped.
  • Removed the sq.splatfest command (it's very old)
  • sq.deletemydata now deletes a lot more economy files then before, including your weapons, cooldowns (for daily), and other stuff.
  • Some reactions responses have been swapped to button responses.
  • Some other changes (not listed here) have been made, enjoy v2.5 :D
🎃v2.4.5 - Released October 3rd, 2021:
  • 🎃HALLOWEEN EVENT has started! You can now obtain Pumpkins as a currency, and even earn up for a Limited Time Halloween Collectible. Some other parts of SquiddBot has also been spooked up a bit👻
  • Added cdn.discordapp.com as an image domain for sq.setprofile.
  • sq.support is finally available for usage. Go ahead and shoot us an issue if you come across one (please, I literally can't tell if SquiddBot is bug proof or not, but I know for certain he isn't)
  • Added a lot more tips, and updated some current ones.
  • Made some improvements to sq.report on our end.
  • If you somehow own the pumpkin collectible already, it should show up in your inventory now.
  • Setting a profile bio should now have a character limit (500 characters).
  • Other small adjustments were made along with this update.
v2.4.4 - Released September 30th, 2021:
AI Chat Changes - v1.0.6:
  • Updated AI Chat storage system because it's not that much of a hassle to make.
  • Made some changes to AI Chat.
  • Also added a new badge to AI Chat.
  • Saying "good morning", "good night", "hi", or "bye" will make Squidd greet you with a random response attached to it.
  • Badges will show whether you have them or not.
  • Yes, you can now hug Squidd through AI Chat.
  • & some responses have been tweaked.
Bot Changes:
  • Some changes have been made to make the bot work better.
v2.4.3 - Released September 21st, 2021:
  • More emojis have been turned to custom emojis (e.g. repeat, stop, and forward and back redesign)
  • Added missing commands to the sq.allcommands command.
  • Added a v2.5 Slash Command early: /call. Allows you to call other users and chat with them as if you were talking to them normally, with a few limitations.
  • Also added /setprofile.
  • Small changes have been made.
v2.4.2 - Released September 15th, 2021:
  • Fixed sq.embed not existing.
  • Changed ping values for some ping commands.
  • Added some more responses for SquiddBot AI Chat.
  • Added more image commands (sq.invert, sq.trigger, and more.).
  • Slight adjustments
v2.4.1 - Released September 10th, 2021:
  • (Temporarily?) Removed music to prevent any legal problems. Music may be added back if changes are made to prevent legal issues. Also made some patches to music
  • Updated and added responses and other stuff (like badges!) to SquiddChat (SquiddBot AI Chat)
  • Fixed issues with sq.team.
  • Fixed some issues that occured at the release of v2.4 after some further investigation.
  • Updated sq.shop.
  • Some other things I might have forgot to list
v2.4 - Released September 8th, 2021:
Hopefully I didn't forget to add a feature or forget anything on this list...
  • Updated sq.splatoon text.
  • sq.splatoonstuff now has the aliases of sq.r/splatoon, sq.splatoonreddit, and sq.randomsplatoonpost.
  • sq.splatoonstuff has been updated. You can now press a button to go to another post. The look of the embed has also been updated.
  • Added SquiddBot AI Chat. Try it out with sq.aichat.
  • sq.team command has been added as a Beta command. Try it out for yourself by entering into the SquiddBot Beta Program. There may be bugs or issues as it is in a slightly working development state.
  • You can now view your level statistics easily with sq.level.
  • Updated some modules to the latest version, hopefully they will run a bit better and not cause more problems.
  • Added back music and added some image commands (they may not work sometimes).
  • Disabled the bots ability to mention @everyone, @here, and roles.
  • Small changes have been made, as always.
v2.3.6 - Released September 2nd, 2021:
  • Fixed cooldowns, they will now be restricted to user only instead of user in the guild only. Basically you can't use a command in one server and go to another to use it again anymore.
  • Added a cooldown to sq.tts.
  • Some commands have been restricted from being run in DMs (e.g. sq.serverinfo, sq.tts, and sq.purge)
  • sq.balance and sq.profile should now be possible to run in Direct Messages.
  • Ended the "Should Music return to SquiddBot?" poll.
  • I decided to put in a command for the v2.4 update, so here you go. Added in sq.allcommands, which shows you a list of every command you can use.
  • Other slight changes.
v2.3.5 - Released August 26th, 2021:
  • Re-added Slash Commands.
  • Downgraded back to discord.py v1.7.3, this means that you can no longer use the bot in threads. We did this to fix some modules and issues, also allowing us to return Slash Commands.
  • You can now see the amount of votes a poll has on the polls page.
  • Minor changes were made.
  • Updated the website links in the help commands, hopefully it SHOULD let you come to the site (for some of the people who couldn't see it)
  • Fixed sq.dialog and made some minor improvements.
  • Other minor changes.
v2.3.4 - Released August 21st, 2021:
  • Re-added Slash Commands.
  • Downgraded back to discord.py v1.7.3, this means that you can no longer use the bot in threads. We did this to fix some modules and issues, also allowing us to return Slash Commands.
  • You can now see the amount of votes a poll has on the polls page.
  • Minor changes were made.
v2.3.3 - Released August 13th, 2021:
  • SquiddBot can now be used in Threads, running a command will instantly add the bot to the thread.
  • Updated to discord.py v2.0.0a (beta), because of this, some bugs may occur.
  • Fixed issue with new discord.py update causing avatars to not show up and cause commands to not work.
  • Slash Commands have been disabled temporarily.
  • Tips have been switched to Facts.
  • Buttons have been set back as reactions temporarily until we can fix them.
  • Fixed some small bugs.
v2.3.2 - Released August 11th, 2021:
  • Polls will now show the date they will end.
  • Small changes.
v2.3.1 - Released August 1st, 2021:
  • Removed moderation setting that was left in by accident.
  • sq.help and sq.invite links updated and help command now shows a link to the top.gg page.
  • Added back sq.quote after a very long time.
v2.3 - Released July 28th, 2021:
  • Added SquiddBot Polls. With polls, you can vote for certain questions. These questions can be ideas for features, fixes, or other things.
  • Profile Customization has been updated! You can now edit the color on your profile.
  • sq.8ball cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds. It has also gotten 2 new responses.
  • sq.serverinfo has been updated to show more information, such as the server description, the amount of boosts it has, the server banner or invite splash (if the server has one), and other stuff.
  • Accounts are now able to be banned or disabled. If you think someone is breaking the rules, you can report their account with sq.report and we will look into it. Make sure to provide the proper information so we can take action if needed.
  • The level up message has been changed to have a better look to it.
  • Other slight changes.
v2.2.1 - Released July 23rd, 2021:
  • Added error messages to sq.tts. The command also doesn't seem to be working right now, hopefully this can get fixed eventually.
  • sq.credits has been updated to show some different credits.
  • sq.squidrate now has different responses depending on the rating you get.
  • New under development commands has been added for testing. To use them, enable the SquiddBot Beta setting.
v2.2 - Released July 12th, 2021:
  • New economy commands: sq.setprofile, sq.beg, and sq.give. Find out more about them on the SquiddBot Commands page.
  • Added Profile Customization! You can now set your own bio and add a banner to your profile! Set them up using sq.setprofile.
  • You can now give money to users using sq.give. Octos are not able to be given, regardless of whether the other user owns it or not.
  • Some commands cooldowns have been reduced.
  • Amount of currency and exp given using some commands has been increased.
  • More embeds have been updated to have a better look on them.
  • The Safe Mode setting is now out of beta. Feel free to try it out.
  • Added the /settings Slash Command to make changing settings much easier.
  • Some text strings have been tweaked.
  • Other slight changes have been made.
v2.1.1 - Released July 1st, 2021:
  • Made it to where you can't buy an item again if you already own it.
  • Changed some text strings with the inventory command
  • Added Safe Mode as a beta setting. You can try it by enabling SquiddBot Beta.
  • Tweaked the embed for sq.help.
  • Added a response to sq.commands.
  • Added sq.kiss as a command.
  • sq.work will now give out exp.
  • Added new items to the shop.
  • Fixed default value showing as 1 when creating a profile. It should now show their proper values.
  • Other slight tweaks
v2.1 - Released May 2nd, 2021, Updated June 13th, 2021:
  • Added information about the current version of Python the bot is running.
  • Updated discord.py to the latest version to support new features and other fixes.
  • Slash command support! (Added Splatoon command to Slash commands with new tweaks and new mode as well as a profile slash command to view people's SquiddBot profile with ease)
  • Fixed update to description where it would show "None" if the description value is set to None (issue with new python or discord.py update)
  • Updated sq.turfwar to match some changes added to the Slash Command version of the command.
  • The bot will now reply to your messages when using certain commands.
  • sq.splatoonstuff will now (hopefully) only show image posts. Text only posts may or may not show up.
  • sq.splatoonstuff embed look has been updated.
  • Some embeds have been updated to look a bit better.
  • sq.serverinfo and sq.botinfo have been changed to look a bit better and show a bit more information.
  • Updates to the sq.purge command (bot now responds when nothing is provided, max purging limit of 10,000 messages (per use), and over 1,000 messages delete confirmation, can be customized in settings, and more)
  • Settings menu is now sorted by category.
  • sq.rob cooldown has been set to 2 uses per cooldown and cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes instead of 10.
  • Slightly increased amount of octos and EXP given to user when using the sq.octoexpansion command.
  • sq.truth command has been tweaked a little (slight text changes, 0% now possible)
  • Added new user responses to sq.cratesmash.
  • Added new moderator tag, if someone is a moderator, they will have a checkmark next to their profile.
  • New item has been added to the shop.
  • Added more tips.
  • Commands that use reactions have been replaced with buttons. (e.g commands with reroll buttons)
  • Added status emojis to the sq.ping command.
  • sq.error can now be used with the Old Responses setting.
  • Other small changes and fixes.
v2.0.3 - Released March 21st, 2021:
  • Tips have been added (can be toggled on and off in settings)
  • sq.about / sq.info has been fixed.
  • New Responses setting switched to Old Responses by default.
  • Added back the "Total Users" count to the bot info menu.
  • sq.hug has been updated.
  • sq.cuddle has been added.
  • sq.svr_leave has been changed up. It now also requires the Manage Server permission instead of the Administrator permission.
  • Fixed sq.tts command.
  • Made some changes to the sq.status command for owner only.
  • Other changes have been made in order to improve user experience.
  • Improved some owner only commands (sq.supersay and slash command for say in exclusive servers).
  • sq.hug command added!
  • Added the command sq.deletemydata. This will delete all of your economy data so only use this if you want to do that.
  • You can no longer view a member's economy data if they are pending in the server!
  • sq.work was reworked.
  • The New Responses setting works with some commands now. You can see which ones support it on the Commands page.
  • Lowered the amount of salmons needed for sq.salmonrun from 30 to 15.
  • Updated how the sq.salmonrun command work.
  • Added Weapons to the shop!
  • You can now view your inventory with sq.inventory!
  • Added some new responses to sq.8ball.
  • Removal of Christmas-related stuff.
  • All emojis containing ✅ and ❌ have been replaced with the custom Gamercord/bonked.tk ones (except for some reactions).
  • Removed some commands: sq.tts, sq.error (instead sq.newerror will be it's replacement), sq.commands
  • sq.newerror (sq.error) has been modified. You can now use different error types and other such things.
  • SquiddBot's pfp has been changed to a Christmas like pfp.
  • Added the ability to reroll response to sq.truth. Also added alias sq.truthmachine to the command.
  • Added an automatic message delete after purging messages with sq.purge.
  • Some 8ball responses will have either a 🎅 or 🎄 (only on sq.8ball).
  • Updated the way sq.suggest works. It now has a better look, and the suggestions sent to the support server have a different system.
  • Changed a bit of the bot description in sq.help.
  • Updated the way sq.splatoonstuff looks. It's a bit more polished now.
  • Updated the way sq.ping looks.
  • Removed sq.meme command.
  • Return of SquiddBot music :D
  • New currency type from Splatoon.
  • You can convert Coins from Power Eggs.
  • and maybe some other things.
  • Added a new economy command for getting both Power Eggs and Salmons: sq.work. (There may be some bugs, if so I'm sorry please report it to me.)
  • New setting that adjusts some responses for the bot as well as beta access (will have commands for it soon). You can turn these on with sq.settings {settingname}
  • Hopefully better embedding for some commands
  • Dying is possible now.
  • Removed some commands (sq.ship (moving to Moderato.), sq.gayrate, sq.simprate, sq.embed)
  • Updated how sq.say works.
  • And some other things. Also, if your mad because of the cooldown triggering when an error occurs, I can't find a way to fix that right now, but I will fix it when I can.
  • Fixed issue with sq. help not working. It did still work, but with a different prefix.
  • Updated the website link in sq.help.
  • Added another economy command: sq.cratesmash
  • Robbery chances increased to 40% (2 out of 5 success rate)
  • Fixed out profile works if the user doesn't have any data.
  • Fixed invite link issue.
  • Changed the Level Up message back to sending in the channel instead of DMs.
  • Some other things have also been changed.
  • Better cooldowns for certain command (maybe)
  • Profile command for economy added!
  • Leveling system added! (expect some possible bugs)
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added the ability to reroll a response for the command sq.classic8ball and sq.8ball. (You can only reroll once per usage)
  • Made sq.8ball responses embedded as well as a few more responses.
  • The help message now allows you to both ping the bot and use the command.
  • Increased cooldowns for classic8ball and 8ball commands to prevent some bugs from happening.
  • Removal of some useless commands. (sq.hi, sq.taunt, sq.userinfo, sq.coinflip, sq.dice, sq.rps, sq.reference, sq.create_invite, etc.)
  • Embedded responses for sq.splatoon related commands instead of a message as well as more outcomes for the gamemodes.

  • Economy is back!
  • Octo Expansion is now available for buying.
  • Added shop system.
  • Added Octos currency.
  • You can now ping SquiddBot to show the help message
  • The help message is no longer sent to your DMs.
  • Probably some more fixes and other things I probably forgot to mention or add

  • Added another Splatoon gamemode command: sq.splatfest.
  • Removed the commands: sq.announce and sq.create_poll. Those commands will possibly be moved to Moderato.
  • Finally finished sq.userinfo. Although it is very buggy in some cases.
  • Removed the "Total Users" field from sq.botinfo because it requires bot verification to work.

  • Removed commands for Music and Moderation as I am focusing more on the aspect of being a Splatoon bot. If you want to use both of these features, you can use our new bot, Moderato.

  • A new, different economy system is now here! I might add the old economy back later on. Commands: sq.mypoints and sq.daily.
  • Went back to using reason instead of content for setting reasons on moderation commands.
  • 8ball cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

  • Fixed error not working for sq.add_role.
  • sq.add_role and sq.remove_role exist now. They do what their names are.
  • Added 3 new 8ball responses for spooky season 🎃 (also removed that one reference from it)
  • The 8ball command now has a 5 second cooldown in between uses.
  • Added an NSFW command: sq.splatoonporn. J-just… make sure your 18+ before you use it.

  • Added back the sq.truth command. This time it looks different.
  • Updated some sq.magic8ball responses.
  • Added a new command: sq.reference
  • Added a new command: sq.create_poll. Creates a poll formatted embed. Make sure to specify the channel before the message.
  • Added 3 rate commands: sq.squidrate,
  • sq.simprate and sq.gayrate. All of them rate you B)
  • Finally fixed moderation! Reasons should (hopefully) work now. Sadly the unban command still doesn’t work.
  • Added a music command: sq.music_download. This command sends you a .txt file containing a link to download the song currently playing as well as the additional info right next to it.
  • Added a new info command: sq.serverinfo. Sends info containing the amount of channels, users, and roles in the server.
  • Added a new moderation command: sq.role. Gives the mentioned user the role. Command Usage: sq.role @user role
  • And possibly anything else I missed.

  • SquiddBot is now out of Beta!
  • Fixed the sq.announce command you probably never knew about. (Fixes: Fixed only one word and removed the thumbnail. Also added error messages.)
  • Removed the sq.sendme command because it wasn’t really that useful. (The command sent a dm to you containing whatever you said)
  • Updated the sq.say and sq.embed commands to instead of using your tag to use just your username.
  • Added a beta setting to sq.settings to test the usage of saving settings. Feel free to try it out and help me out.
  • Removed sq.weather because it was hardly used and stopped working when it was moved to the VPS.
  • Fixed a bug with sq.music_leave where the bot would always say “I’m not in a voice channel”.
  • Added new sq.magic8ball responses. Also removed some responses and wait time.
  • Removed sq.divorce. (Cause wtf why)
  • Updated some sq.ship responses.
  • Removed the once secret sq.howslife command 😢.
  • Removed a secret rig from the sq.help command that made it send me an invite to whatever server it was used in.
  • Removed the sq.quote command.

  • Added a new command: sq.credits to show the people who helped support the bot

  • Added a new command: sq.suggest. Allows you to suggest an idea for the bot and sends it to the owner of the bot.
  • Updated some links in the help menu to have a “click here” that takes you there instead.

  • Added “Server Count” to sq.botinfo.
  • Upgraded moderation commands a bit (yes I am aware some of them are broken but they still work without providing a reason)
  • Added a new moderation command: sq.warn

  • Upgraded music. Now has settings and other things.

  • Made sq.splatoonstuff a command. It mostly just shows you stuff from the Splatoon subreddit.

  • Added small little “progress” indicators for sq.crime, sq.work, and sq.mine.
  • Added sq.profile as a command. Currently a possible work in progress.
  • Added sq.create_invite as a command. You don’t need any permissions for it :D

  • Music command usage has been changed! Instead try something like sq.music_play or sq.music_leave.
  • Added sq.svr_leave. Makes the bot leave the server. Must have the “Administrator” permission to use this command.

  • Due to some unsaved code changes on GitHub, a few commands have been removed. Might be eventually readded.
  • Added a weather system to SquiddBot!

  • You can now use sq.8ball as an alias for sq.magic8ball!

  • Added a new 8ball related command: sq.truth

  • Added full on music commands to SquiddBot!

  • Allowed usage of deleting messages for the owner when using commands such as sq.error.
  • Updated info for currency commands. Instead of coins and diamonds, now you have power eggs and salmons!

  • Added a few new commands for entertainment purposes: sq.rps, sq.dice, and sq.hi

  • Added a new command: sq.coinflip
  • Added a new owner only command: sq.status

  • Added a new command: sq.ship (hehe now you can ship ppl)

  • Removed the change for the certain response of sq.magic8ball. Mostly because it wasn’t working properly.
  • Added a new command: sq.embed

  • Added the diamond currency back!
  • Added a new economy command: sq.mine Go to the mine to strike some riches.
  • Added a new regular command: sq.botinfo which gives you information about the bot.
  • Updated the “secret” command o(^▽^)o
  • Changed something for a certain response of sq.magic8ball.

  • Small patch: Changed the cooldowns for sq.work to 1 hour and sq.crime to 30 minutes.

  • Added a new command: sq.splatoon2
Lets you play the Salmon Run game mode from Splatoon 2. This command will have a LOT of more explorable choices later on in development.

  • Prefix customization is back! Just use sq.prefix {new_prefix} and that will be your new prefix!

  • Added a new economy command: sq.crime! There’s either a chance of getting or losing money.
  • Fixed some stuff with the sq.daily command.

  • Economy commands are back! Just don’t use them too fast, please. As a reward for the economy commands coming back, everyone has been given 1000 free coins!
Sadly, prefix customization will not be returning anytime soon.
  • When you win in a game mode for sq.splatoon, an emoji will be at the end.
  • The sq.magic8ball command now uses an animated emoji for the thinking texts.
  • The economy command: sq.work, is now available for use! You can work every 30 minutes.
  • Changed the title message for the embed for when you’re still on cooldown from Hold Up! to Slow down!

  • Updated the sq.magic8ball command to have a loading message before displaying your result.

  • Updated the meme command! The command is still sq.meme but for the old memes, you can use sq.splatoonmeme. (This command is a W.I.P but should work)
  • Added a secret command based on SquiddBot’s roleplay life. Can you find it???

  • Added two new commands: sq.error and sq.newerror! sq.error will generate an error based on what is said by the user in the classic error format. sq.newerror generates an error based on user text but in the new error format.

  • Updated the sq.say command. The command is now available for ANYONE to use but your username will be put before the text.
  • Added sq.supersay (owner only)
  • Added a new command: sq.quote. The message sent will be quoted by the bot after command usage.
  • Added a useless command: sq.sendme. Kinda like sq.say / sq.supersay but sends the text written to your DM’s.

  • Disabled ALL economy commands for now
  • Changed the sq.commands commands to link to the bot website.
  • Added the website link to the sq.help command.

  • Bug with economy commands fixed. The bug is not completely fixed though but economy commands are back in the bot.
  • Removed sq.weekly
  • Removed diamond currency.

  • Added the bot upvote link for top.gg in the help command!
  • Made the messages for moderation commands now in embeds!

  • Added diamonds to the currency system!
  • Added diamonds to sq.daily and sq.weekly
  • Added sq.settings for future use.

  • Added the sq.eval command!

  • Added a new economy command: sq.weekly

  • Added the sq.announce command!

  • Added a new command for sq.splatoon! You can now play Hero Mode with sq.heromode!

  • Fixed formatting error in sq.towercontrol
  • Replaced one of the messages in sq.towercontrol

  • Added sq.dm command.

  • Added 2 commands for moderation: sq.mute and sq.unmute
  • Added 1 new meme to sq.meme

  • Added a separate help section for commands and their descriptions. You can view it with sq.commands.
  • Fixed the sq.with command
  • The prefix is now customizable! Use sq.prefix.

  • Added the update logs
  • Added possible sq.dep and sq.with commands for economy
  • Added 1 sq.magic8ball response
  • Changed the name of the coin storage from Vault to Bank.
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