Terms of Use
The Terms of Use for using our services. By using our services, you agree to these terms. Failure to comply with these terms can result in termination of use from our services.

Terms of Use

As all things usually have, we have a Terms of Use document. In order to use our bots, you should follow these terms as failure to do so may result in a permaban from our bots and/or services.
By using our Service(s), you agree to the Discord Terms of Service and our terms of service as listed below.
No cheating or exploiting - Every once in a while, cheating and exploiting things can be fun. But it can also result in punishment. If you are caught using cheats or exploits on the bots, no temporary* ban could be so certain.
Spamming commands - Spamming commands every now and then to get things done quicker is ok. But if you spam too much, it could make the bot slower and maybe even shut down. In the future, all commands may have a cooldown, and this will eventually be changed.
Raiding - Don't use any of our bots that have moderation commands or any other possible feature to raid servers, raiding is mostly against the Discord TOS and our Terms of Use so I wouldn't get caught doing this if I were you.
Abuse - Don't abuse bot commands for the wrong purposes such as muting a user to prevent them from robbing you or logging into their account and getting rid of their money. Abusing them could lead to a possible temporary* ban from the bot.
Begging - Don't beg for currency from other users or force them to. You should gain your own money. Get caught doing this and you will get a temporary* ban from economy commands.
Data Manipulation - Data manipulation is NOT allowed in any sort of form and will result in a PERMANENT** ban from all services using economy or anything else. Using data manipulation to get more money, cheat, or anything else will not be accepted.
Toxicity - Using our bots to be toxic to other users is not a joke to mess around with. It is mean and will NOT be accepted when used on our bots or any of our services and will result in a temporary* ban from that bot or service.
Overloading - Similarly to spamming, overloading the bots by using commands that take up a lot of resources is prohibited to prevent the bots from breaking, slowing down, or shutting down.
Advertising - Advertising our bots is okay, but using our bots to send advertisements to other users is against our Terms of Service and will lead to a temporary* limit or ban from the bot. An example of this is somehow managing to make the bot send an advertisement across to other servers to promote you or someone else's server.
No Alt Accounts - Alt accounts can be used to an advantage if you would like to store stuff, but using alternative accounts is not allowed on our bots or services to get an advantage, if you are caught giving money to your alt account, you may get both accounts temporarily disabled. An example of this is using an alternative account to store other currencies, and then enabling Safe Mode to prevent yourself from being able to lose any of that money to other users.
Scamming - No scamming users out of their money, either in real life or bot currency. If you are caught scamming people, you will be *temporarily banned from our bots or services.
Leaking Private Information - If you are a developer or just a special person who has access to certain features early, or has been told about it, then you are not allowed to leak this information to other users without permission. Doing this can get you *fired and you can get into big trouble.
Buying/Trading - Similarly to scamming, you are NOT allowed to buy or trade currencies for real life money or any other type of real-life item, currency or anything. If you are caught doing this, you will be **terminated from using the service immediately.
Bypassing Permission Locks - You are not allowed to use the bot to somehow bypass a feature that is locked to a specific role or user permission. An example of this is bypassing the role permission lock of Manage Messages on the Purge command and purging the channel without the proper permissions. Doing this is certainly bannable* and will get you into trouble.
Also, please don't spam the bot as it can easily get rate limited and unable to be booted up for usually a few hours if it is spammed a lot :)
That is currently all for the terms of use. More rules/terms may be added in the future so don't forget to check on this page every now and then. As long as you follow these terms, you will be just fine and are welcome to use our services!
Last Updated on November 30th, 2021.
*Depending on the action, appealable
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